Copyright Registration Service

Copyright Registration provides you legal ownership of your artistic or creative work, like books, music, and websites. Chartered Associates is expert in copyright registration.

Copyright Registration – Chartered Associates

Copyright is the owner’s right to specific creative material such as sound recordings or films, music, etc., for a set period. It grants the author to produce duplicates of work for a set duration.

Chartered Associates provides copyright registration in Pakistan under copyright law and many different services to protect the owner’s work from duplication. It gives the owner proof of his work in case of conflict arises. We protect your original work of books, songs, software, etc., from being used by others.

Copyright Registration Services Offered By Chartered Associates

At Chartered Associates, we handle all aspects of copyright law. We cover the broad range of work of an individual by copyright law which includes the following:

  • Software programs, as well as writings. Novels, poems, memoirs, articles, conferences, brochures, posters, manuals, and indexes are only a few examples.
  • Music of different modified forms with copyrightable content.
  • Movies production is related to modern dance and play.
  • Fine art compromising illustrations, monuments work, sketches, pictures, schematic and construction designs are all part of this type of artwork.
  • Films and different types of sound recording work.

Our defense representatives help producers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs secure their content from being stolen by others. We help complete the application for copyright registration and provide evidence of your work if someone is copying your position against your permission.

The professional team at c helps you by providing extensive views of other companies’ copyright. Our customers’ policies for presenting fresh items in the marketplace are guided by a thorough analysis of a contestant’s things to prevent complicated legal difficulties.

Advantages Of Availing Copyright Registration Services By Us!

The following are the key advantages of having a copyright registered by Chartered Associates

  • We establish a claim of possession, which helps defend copyrights in court.
  • We allow owners of copyrights to challenge lawbreakers in court.
  • If the authorization is done before six years of production, we give adequate testimony supporting the copyright’s ownership.

Protection Under The Law

The copyright registration help to protect the work of the owner and provide clear evidence of company copyright under law.

Compassion And Marketing

Registered copyright can help in the branding of different items, creating a relationship of loyalty and good credibility in customers’ hearts. Authorized copyrights work will show that you value your work.

Multinational Security

Performances preserved in various other nations are accorded equal protection in Pakistan. Similarly, copyright works registered in Pakistan are protected in several countries.

Resource Development

Copyright registration creates copyright, which is a valuable concept. Copyrights licenses can be purchased, sold, or rented.

Work That Requires Copyright Protection

It safeguards the invention of ideas that cannot be protected independently. The following may be protected under copyright laws.

  • Film of videography
  • Audio recording
  • Audio recording and recorded music
  • Visual arts such as paintings and photographs
  • Unique literary works
  • Novels
  • Software package
  • Website
  • Public broadcasting 
  • Released books

How Do Chartered Associates Safeguard Your Work?

Chartered Associates will use copyright safeguards your creative works by prohibiting everyone else from stealing your work by others and distributing copies of it, either for free or for a fee.

  • Renting or lending your work 
  • Public performance or playback of your work
  • Creating various variants of your content
  • Work engagement on the website

Why Choose Chartered Associates For Your Copyright Registration

Choosing the for your copyright registration will help to secure your work. Various ways register through Chartered Associates will improve the quality of copyrights. It can be done by:

  • Availability of ownership information in the public domain.
  • Possession is presumed
  • Enforce copyrights through a copyright violation claim
  • Constitutional harm and Legal Expenses.
  • Prohibition in the transportation of violating copyright Works

Patent Trademark Copyright By Chartered Associates

A patent safeguards innovations, procedures, or breakthroughs, whereas a trademark safeguards businesses, names, phrases, and copyright safeguards the owner’s writings. Chartered Associates provide the patent trademark copyright will help safeguard your work in the original form appropriately without being copied by people.

Contact For More Information!

Feel free to contact us at if you require further support or professional guidance concerning copyright protection. We are famous and well-known Chartered Associates in Pakistan, and we help our clients with registered trademark protection. Because we are professionals in this industry, let’s make the service easy for you. Please get in touch with us by email or phone. We are eager to assist you in any way we can.



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