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Income tax return filing is necessary for individuals in Pakistan. We are experts in income tax return filing, Providing affordable income tax filing services.

Income Tax Return – Chartered Associates

New to the business lineup? You may find it challenging to deal with income taxes and understand how they work. In this case, you may ask for help from the experts. Paying income taxes is essential for the country’s economy and for legally running your business. 

Who Are We?

If you search for a company that can provide you with quality and trustworthy service for your tax work, Chartered Associates are here to help you. Income tax filing is a mandatory process for citizens of Pakistan. Many people who ignore the process or don’t know much about it can find themselves stuck in legal actions taken by the government.


Our team is here to help you save from working illegally and provide quality services as per government rules and regulations. Our tax consultants are qualified experts with excellent knowledge of tax consultancy. We make sure that our team provides you with the best professional service that you need. We are proficient In providing Online income tax return filing services to our clients for their convenience.

What Is Income Tax And How Our Service Works

The income tax is a tax imposed by the government on the income generated by the citizens and businesses. It is mandatory to be paid. According to the rules and regulations set by the government is obligatory to file an income tax return annually.

Dealing with income tax filling is different for every citizen, depending upon whether you are a businessman/employer, a lay individual, or a tax professional. We work with all, providing the same professional service for your income tax filing without regarding your grade or work.


Individual Income Tax Service

Personal income tax or individual tax is levied on an individual’s salary and wages or any source of income he is getting. Chartered associates provide services for employers for employer-sponsored programs, or you can avail of the service individually. We provide specifically designed solutions to your tax obligations and needs so that you can maintain compliance with tax filing laws. That is why we are here to help you with.

Business And Employers Income Tax Filing

Individuals and businesses also have to pay income tax on the revenue generated. This type of income tax depends upon the business structure. Shareholders or the owners first account for their business income and then take out the operational and capital expenses. While you may not know much about business income tax, our tax consultants and experts do! We work to make you achieve your long-term goals.

With our professional tax experts, secure the maximum financial reward you deserve. The following are just an example of services we provide for business entities and individuals;

  • Income Tax Registration 
  • Issuance of STRN and GST on Services
  • Income and sales tax consultation
  • Filing of Tax filling related issues appeals
  • Income Tax Consultation
  • Sales Tax Consultation 
  • Complete Facilitation In E-Filling Income Tax Return
  • Facilitation in E-Filling Of Wealth
  • Professional help in the issuance of tax refunds, etc. 

Benefits Of Availing Chartered Associates Income Tax Service

We make it possible for you to avail online tax services that help you save time, money, and effort. Instead of going with the old ways of service, you can get many advantages and additional support using an online service. Other than that, getting help from tax experts, there are some things that you can have the benefit of;

  • Reduce Error Risks 
  • It helps you focus on your business
  • Professional Audit Assistance
  • Deduction in unnecessary Taxes 
  • Helps Prevent Adverse Consequences 
  • Well maintained handling of documents 

Why Choose Us?

Chartered associates hire the most professional and expert tax consultants to provide error-free quality service. Our quality service is one of the main reasons why working with us is the right choice for you.

  • Chartered Associates has served the market for over five years with hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • We have completed over four hundred successful projects ensuring quality service among our clients. 
  • We provide proper assistance to our clients to ensure a smooth and successful Income tax return filing process.
  • We know the value of money to an individual and its economic importance in businesses. That’s why our expert advises on the best tax consultation beneficial to their tax problems.
  • We are always ready to serve you regarding your tax concerns.

If you are searching for a tax consultation service, you can contact us for any inquiries or details related to the income tax! 



FBR NTN Registration Online

Register for your FBR NTN today! Get access to exclusive tax benefits and a simpler filing experience. Our quick and easy process helps you get registered in no time.


The income tax ordinance gives a right of appeal if there is any conflict between the tax department and tax payer. We are providing tax appeals and litigation services.


Looking for reliable tax & accounting services? Let us help you make sense of the numbers. Our professionals are committed to delivering the highest level of service.